Competitive Lead Times
Microcut Inc. specializes low lead times, working 24/7 to meet your strictest delivery demands
Large Height Capacity
Microcut has the capability to cut parts up to 16 inches tall
Microcut Inc.
Our highly trained specialists will help you to achieve even the closest tolerances.
Give us a Challenge!
Microcut Inc. embraces difficult and challenging jobs, partnering with you to meet your demands.
Quality Control
Microcut Inc. is equipped with precision quality control instruments to ensure the highest degree of specifications are met with confidence.

Puzzled by the Wire EDM process?

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Our Quality

Critical evaluation of every part insures you of on-time, in-spec delivery.

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Our Equipment

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and over 100 years of combined EDM experience.

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Our Experience

Our goal is to successfully helping our clients with complicated parts.

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Industries we Service

  • Medical

    Microcut Inc. has made thousands of different parts in the medical and dental fields, including laparoscopic instruments and other surgical tools.
  • Aerospace

    Microcut has performed numerous government contracts, and worked with top aerospace companies.
  • Manufacturing Industry

    Microcut has done countless work in the manufacturing field, including molds, punch and dies, gears, splines, keyways, as well as many parts for the electronics field.